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Application Of Collagen In Life

Qufu Focuschem Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 09, 2017

      Connective tissue containing more collagen fibers, such as subcutaneous tissue, loose connective tissues, etc. The fibers are composed of collagen, which expands to dissolve into arterial gum after heat, weak acid or weak base. The collagen fibers in the collagen tissue cross horizontally, have protective and supporting organs, and collagen fibers have occurred, developed and declined, which are closely related to the repair and regeneration of traumatic tissue.Collagen
      Recently, collagen seems to have been popular in various forums, and everyone is discussing the brand and effect of collagen. See a lot of sisters say how to take the collagen effect how good, but praise sound also accompanied by divergent criticism, and even a part of MM persuaded that some brands of collagen has produced side effects! First, let's get to know what collagen is.Collagen
      The important thing is to pay attention to buy collagen polypeptide, this is the precursor of collagen, because of the molecular weight of collagen, the human body is not easy to absorb, so the use of peptides can significantly improve the absorption effect, and in vivo automatic synthesis of collagen protein. Many sellers are not particularly clear when selling, it is easy to make cosmetics grade collagen (mainly for moisturizing) and food-grade mix. That's the trouble. Skin anti-aging new trend of the representative idea is skin regeneration. The most advanced anti-aging products in the morning and evening use two months later, wrinkles can be shallow half. For already obvious wrinkles should rely on collagen protein "repair" technology.Collagen
      Collagen is an important component of human skin, which can be used to whiten skin directly and quickly. Collagen molecule unique "triple helix" structure, strong lock water molecules, thereby improving the moisturizing properties of skin humidification. No matter what skin care measures you take, don't forget the key step: oral supplementation of collagen. This kind of beauty product variety, the function is different, such as detoxification, conditioning, improve the body immunity, enhance the stress of the organization. These products play different roles in different aspects of skin maintenance and different levels.Collagen