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Collagen Supplementation In All Aspects

Qufu Focuschem Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 25, 2017

      Without controlling a series of variables like the sun, water intake, food intake, the use of skin care products, exercise, and so on in the context of their own before and after the comparison is to talk about, and not to mention the placebo effect; collagen protein is useless in addition to some amino acids, and if you want to add amino acids, at ordinary times, soy products and meat in the quality of the proteinCollagen
     Women's skin condition is very much related to hormones secreted by the reproductive endocrine system, and you now feel that the difference between young people and those who are younger is because you have a good ovarian function. And when you are postmenopausal, without the support of reproductive endocrine system hormones, how much collagen you eat will not help, can quickly aging, then you can and small you a few years old but not menopausal people to compare. Population studies have shown that oral supplementation with collagen improves skin function is supported by evidence.Collagen
     Collagen for malnourished people have the role of complementary nutrition, although not much different from other protein sources, but after all, supplemented the amino acid, but the amino acid ratio of collagen is more exotic, nutritional effects than ordinary food. Subcutaneous tissue is composed of proteins that, when malnourished, preferentially invoke subcutaneous, muscular proteins and degrade into amino acids to supply the brain and more important life activities, and inhibit the synthesis of hair and nails. You still don't say, now to thin as the United States, weight loss rampant, malnutrition of the women are many, often think that there is a little meat, but also to lose weight of the people, has actually fallen into the range of malnutrition. That's when you need to give them a reason to add protein.     Although the effect is slightly worse than the meat and eggs milk, but people do not want to eat meat and eggs milk ah.Healthy rest and good mood, any cosmetic effect can not catch up with adequate sleep and a sound mentality, appropriate physical exercise is also essential Collagen
     Purchase contains collagen mask, facial mask can be added collagen, but the addition of collagen is also very easy to lose, so the healthy schedule can not be less, mask can only occasionally emergency. Mask brand, forgive me too little insight, dare not recommend.Collagen
    Injecting collagen directly into the skin of a hospital is the most effective supplement, and collagen is now one of the most commonly used fillers for plastic surgery. However, because of the role of collagen protease, injection is not a permanent effect, generally only in the body for 6-12 months. Although from the data, the injection of collagen protein is not harmful to human health, but not very recommended. If you want to inject also must go to the regular hospital, do a good job in advance consultation. There is no definite result in the medical use of collagen. Although we all say that collagen can be cosmetic, but there is no scientific proof. Collagen
    Of course, science does not prove that collagen cannot be cosmetic. Anyway, the oral effect is not small, reasonable and healthy natural diet on the line, trotters and Tremella soup are very tasty, can recommend edible, but do not buy collagen powder, and expensive pits and destruction of their own hormonal balance lead to dependence.Collagen