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How To Choose Collagen

Qufu Focuschem Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

      Recent time about the collagen article brush exploded friends Circle, more than 3 million clicks, let everyone exclaim collagen beauty Anti-Aging power! Now women, almost all understand the importance of collagen for the body's anti-aging, but because do not know how to choose a real effective collagen protein, many domestic women eat collagen effect is negligible, not only waste money, but also endanger human health. (in particular, plastic bagged collagen, due to poor sealing, breakage, infiltration and other reasons, very easily lead to oxidative degradation of collagen protein, not only the loss of activity, but also produce toxic substances. )Collagen.

      Active collagen is a good collagen-vacuum flask guaranteed activity: It is proved that aseptic vacuum flask is the best way to preserve the collagen activity in the world. and completely evade the damage of collagen plasticizer! Plasticizing agents in Europe are known as reproductive arsenic. Collagen activity is very easy to decompose and destroy, ordinary plastic bottles, bags not only very easy to make the loss of activity, more easily lead to plasticizing agent intake, endanger health. Even if the product in the shelf life, the plastic loaded collagen protein due to weakened activity, the effect will also be greatly reduced. Of course this greatly increases the cost of collagen, most products in the market can not be done.Collagen.

     High conversion rate of collagen is a good collagen-collagen three-peptide guarantee conversion: macromolecular collagen in the absorption of money must be decomposed into a single amino acid, and then randomly synthesize the body's various parts of the collagen protein required. "Fen" to the skin, only a few of them, even if the long-term, a large number of "tonic", it is very difficult to feel the skin "beauty" effect.Collagen.Short peptide collagen, which is composed of only 3 amino acids, is the collagen peptide, small molecular structure need not be decomposed. Directly absorbed by the skin and synthesized into the skin "exclusive" collagen, beauty efficiency naturally more than a chip.Collagen.

     Close to the human body structure is good collagen-salmon skin guarantee the human body structure: deep sea salmon skin cell structure and human cell structures are the most similar, is the highest absorption rate of collagen peptide material. Will not be with the human body of the phenomenon of exclusion, through the absorption of direct skin layer, the reconstruction of the skin cell pillar, the formation of elastic net, shrink pore wall, lock the skin 30 times times moisture, activate the new cells, let the skin moist and white.Collagen.