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Processing Of Collagen

Qufu Focuschem Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

     The water fish scale collagen protein: most of the tilapia scale as raw material, with no fat, low calorie, good biocompatibility, high security characteristics. The collagen products processed by freshwater fish scales in China have been exported to Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries. Cod Skin Collagen: The use of pelagic cod skin for raw materials processing, because the deep-sea fish raw material instability, not easy to quantify production, some manufacturers involved in false propaganda.Collagen

     Terrestrial animal Collagen: the use of pigskin, cowhide, bovine bone, pig bone and other gelatin as raw material extraction, belongs to two times hydrolysis processing products. Due to the effects of mad cow disease and FMD, developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan have legislated against the use of cowhide to produce collagen. Other: There are also a small number of manufacturers from sheep, other freshwater fish (such as catfish), other deep-sea fishes, such as extraction, but not the market mainstream.Collagen

     The word collagen solid drink is derived from Japan, which refers to collagen powder, which is a powder-like form. Pure Solid Collagen Beverage (collagen powder) to achieve the product of 0 lipid. Does not lead to obesity, and it is low molecular, so that the body can absorb more, enhance the function of collagen.Collagen

     Appearance, smell, clarity in the current technical level, it has been possible to close the color of collagen to pure white without using any bleach; each source of collagen has a special odor, a good collagen protein to achieve a small odor; pure powder warm water after the burst, the aqueous solution to clarify, no impurities. The molecular weight of molecular weight collagen protein needs to undergo enzymatic process to improve its absorption rate, too much molecular weight is not conducive to human gastrointestinal absorption, too small nor any significance, molecular weight in 2000~~5000 Dalton is more ideal.Collagen

    Source of extraction: collagen is widely found in the skin and bones of animals, which can be extracted from large-scale industrial extraction of fish, pig or cow's skin or skeleton, regardless of the source of the pros and cons of a similar composition, if the line must be ranked (production is not adulterated).Collagen