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Synthesis Of Hyaluronic Acid Method

Qufu Focuschem Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 27, 2016

Join the comb debris to acetone, Guan dehydration, soaked overnight to harden. And then placed in a dish drying, drying after crushing into powder. Guan pour powder enamel jar, join the 6~7 double distilled water, stir well, soak 24h, Guan powder are swelling, then filtering, collecting landfill leachate, and residue to soak 3 times in the same way, merge 3 filtered liquid. Then pour the filtrate in ceramic cylinders, 10% of solid sodium chloride is added under stirring, and add an equal volume of chloroform, mix 3h, separation of the aqueous phase. Add twice to separate the aqueous 95% times the volume of ethanol, mix, let stand overnight, precipitation of hyaluronic acid and drain deposits, rough after drying. Crude sodium chloride dissolved in 4 times 0.1mol/L times the volume of solution, using dilute hydrochloric acid adjustment pH=4.5~5, add an equal volume of chloroform, quiet place after layering, aspirate the upper aqueous phase. Regulation pH=7.5 with 8% sodium hydroxide in aqueous solution, join the pronase, 37 ℃ insulation 24h. Treatment of 2 with an equal volume of chloroform extraction, merge the upper aqueous phase, lower liquid recycle of chloroform. Add equal volume of 1%-16 alkyl chloride in aqueous pyridine solution, stir, static settlement, filtering, collection of precipitation. Wait two or three times the volume of dissolved sodium chloride 0.4mol/L, filter, filtrate add 3 times the volume of 95% ethanol, static settlement, top ethanol use, the lower with 95% ethanol precipitation 2 repeatedly, hanging lower sediment filter, dry, then wash with acetone 2, vacuum drying, can obtain the finished product.